Monday, February 8, 2016

Satire in India

How can someone be funny and serious at the same time? It is like asking me to see a respected guru in a capering clown. But, then, that is exactly what a satirist aspires to be and do. Satire seeks to make you laugh and make you think.

The point of all satire is to show up the foibles of individuals, leaders, social systems, history or even society at large in a funny – even ridiculous – light and make people think about their flaws. To be sure, not all satires are funny. Dark and serious satires do exist but the commonly understanding of satire is that it is humorous.

Satire can be primarily narrative in nature. In fact, most of Indian satirical writing is only narrative satire. Satire writing in English, I hasten to add, for it would take a brave man, indeed, to make a sweeping statement about the literature in so many languages and I am widely famed for my…err…diplomacy, shall we say?

By narrative satire, I mean that what is being said is not particularly funny, but the way it is being said is what makes it funny. If I am sharing a bed with someone who snores, and I find it difficult to sleep, I could say, “It is difficult to get to sleep when you are sharing a bed with a cement mixer running at top speed.” If it is funny at all, it is because of the metaphor for, otherwise, all I am saying is that “His snoring was so noisy that I found it difficult to sleep.”

It does seem like it is getting to be a habit, isn't it? For the rest you need to go to the blog of Tales Pensieve.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Being Single

"Marriage – A process of finding out what sort of person your spouse would have preferred to marry”

It is not merely because I disliked learning that I stayed single. True, I am allergic to learning, especially about myself, since most of what I learn about myself is SO uncomplimentary. Still, it was not that at all.

To cut the long story short, it was my aversion to WORK that decided me on remaining single. Narayana Murthy’s son can choose to marry, even if he decided to be idle all his life. Me – I started off with zilch in inheritances and, thus, all that I spend had to be earned myself. Even in these gender-equal days, there is not much welcome for a husband who plans to live off your earnings. THAT part of gender inequality still remains, unfortunately. (Fortunately, actually. In my times, it certainly existed and I’d hardly be happy seeing a young kid of today happily living the life that I would have preferred to live.)

Sorry guys - for the rest of the post you will have to head to Vanita Bodke's blog

Monday, January 25, 2016

An offer you cannot refuse?

I know that the very moment you hear that 'An offer you cannot refuse', especially from me, you are all afire to say, "Oh yeah? Watch me do it" (Not being Don Corleone is SUCH a handicap). See that squiggly vertical line at the end of it with a dot below? THAT's to cater to people like you.

So, this offer is about what Amazon calls a 'Countdown deal'. My book - "A dog eat dog-food world" - which is priced at a princely sum of USD 2.99/= will be available at an even more princely sum of USD 0.99/= till 28th January at and at GBP 0.99/= at Unfortunately, there seem to be no options for countdown deals in markets other than these two. I know it is rather difficult to believe but there are some 23 ratings and 15 reviews (other than mine) on Goodreads and the book has an average rating of some 4.8 currently.

As everyone around me knows, I am a very generous person, especially when I have no option but to be so. Thus, even if you do refuse my offer, you can still go to any (or all) of these posts, which interests you.

Aniesha Brahma wanted me to write about how the idea of this book arose in my mind and how it germinated. This, then, is the true story of how 'A dog eat dog-food world' got written.

The Read Addicts - Janhvi in particular - wanted me to write on the Indian literary scene. I do not know what they thought of the unseemly sight of a humorist in tears. (There IS a post below all the book details!)

There, then! No-one can say that I am not generous (with my words, that it. Touch my wallet and rouse the Indian Tiger)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Posts galore

I have practically been typing one blog post with my left hand and one with my right. When people offer to help spread the word of your book, you find your imagination strangely stimulated for the blog posts that they want to go with it.

I know...I practically have the news of my book leaking through your ears but what can I say? It still is not sufficient to sell enough books to satisfy me (What exactly would count as enough? Hmm...I don't know if I really know such high numbers).

Anyway, this is not about the book but about the blog posts. AND, somewhere or other in these links, I promise you, you will find blog-posts, which are neither about the book per se nor are reviews of the book. Though, yes, you will find details of my book too but then you have, by now, gained expertise in ignoring it.

Privy Trifles sought me to write on the Great Indian Sense of Humor or the lack thereof. (Yeah! I think I cannot recognize a sense of humor even if someone brought it to me, conveniently labeled it in all the languages of India. You can read this and gloat about how right you were) 

And where is the author who does not rant about publishers? Here, though, I rant even before I publish, so to speak. For the rant is not about Small publishers - one of whom, Fablery, has published my book - but the Big ones. And to think that Jonali actually invited me in!!

AND, then, for those who not only think I know a sense of humor when I see it but can also guide people on how to write humor, this one. What?? You mean such mythical beings do not exist? Who are you calling a mythical being? Ruchi Singh, who asked me to write this one?

AND, after you are all done with that, take a long rest! You will need it to recoup.